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Eyelid Surgery – Jacksonville Eyelid Rejuvenation Incisions

Eyelid Surgery Jacksonville

Age lines and drooping skin on a person’s eyelids can create an unfortunate look of fatigue or anger. Nobody wants people to think they’re constantly tired or upset. Eyelid surgery can be used to tighten sagging skin and erase eyelid wrinkles, rejuvenating the eye area.

When performing eyelid surgery on a patient, a surgeon will need access to the underlying tissues in the region. To this end, tiny incisions will be made. Lower eyelids will require either a transcutaneous incision on the outside of the lid or a transconjunctival incision on the inside of the lid. The upper eyelids require a small incision on the natural crease line that appears at the top of the lid.

Discuss your eyelid surgery with the skilled, board-certified plastic surgeons at Coastal Cosmetic Center in Jacksonville. Arrange an evaluation by contacting our office.

Eyelash Rejuvenation – Applying Latisse Jacksonville

Eyelash Rejuvenation Jacksonville

Are your lashes in need of eyelash rejuvenation? Latisse is a medication specially formulated to make your lashes look thicker, longer, and deeper in color.

The road to eyelash rejuvenation starts with a single drop. Use your applicator to add a drop of Latisse to the area above the eyelash line on the upper eyelid. Start at the spot closest to the side of the nose, then move away from it. Once this is complete, repeat this with a new applicator and a new drop of Latisse.

Learn more about eyelash rejuvenation – meet with Doctors Timothy Fee, William A. Wallace and Patrick L. Basile, three board-certified plastic surgeons with years of experience. These skilled professionals can help you get started with Latisse and can answer all of your questions. The best way to arrange an appointment is by contacting our office. Call or email today!

Coronal Brow Lift – Incision Pattern Jacksonville

Coronal Brow Lift Jacksonville

Forehead lines and sagging brows don’t have to be permanent conditions. With the help of a coronal brow lift, your forehead and brows can look rejuvenated and youthful once more.

The coronal brow lift incision pattern goes from one ear to the other, on top of the head. This incision is made behind the hairline, which effectively hides it from view under the patient’s hair. After the incision has been made, the brow can be lifted to eliminate wrinkles and more.

Doctors Timothy Fee, William A. Wallace, and Patrick L. Basile, three board-certified plastics surgeons serving the Jacksonville area, are happy to teach you more about the coronal brow lift procedure and other brow lift variations. Set up an appointment by contacting us today.

Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon When Considering Breast Augmentation

If you’re considering breast augmentation, you definitely have a lot of questions. Watch this interview with Dr. Timothy Fee, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon of Coastal Cosmetic Center, as he reviews the questions to ask your Plastic Surgeon when considering breast augmentation- as well as the answers! Have more questions? Visit our website, or call 904-332-6774 to schedule your consultation.

Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon When Considering Breast Augmentation

What Are The Long-Term Consequences of Breast Implants?

There are a lot of questions when considering breast augmentation. Dr. Tim Fee of Coastal Cosmetic Center in Jacksonville Florida wants to make sure you get all of your questions answered! In this video he discusses possible long-term consequences of breast implants. Have more questions? Visit our website, or Call us at 904-332-6774 to schedule your consultation!

What Are The Long-Term Consequences of Breast Implants?

How Much Will My Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost?

Have a question about tummy tuck procedures in Jacksonville, FL? In this video, Dr. William Wallace of Coastal Cosmetic Center discusses how much tummy tuck surgery can cost. Have more questions? Visit our website or call us at 904-332-6774 to schedule your consultation!

How Much Will My Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost?

Latisse Treatments – Jacksonville FDA-Approved

Latisse Treatments Jacksonville

Safety is important, especially when it comes to your eyes. People looking to strengthen and revitalize their eyelashes should make sure that they use the proper treatment. Only Latisse treatments are considered safe by the FDA.

In December of 2008, after numerous tests and studies, the FDA granted its approval of Latisse treatments as safe for use. Out of all the eyelash enhancement and regrowth treatments on the market, only Latisse has FDA approval.

So if you want safe, effective eyelash regrowth and rejuvenation, Latisse treatments may just be your perfect option. Learn more about what Latisse can do for you – arrange a consultation by contacting our office today. Doctors Timothy Fee, William A. Wallace, and Patrick L. Basile, all board-certified plastic surgeons, will be happy to discuss this medication in greater detail.

Best Options for Youthful and Beauty Face

Today’s innovations in skin care are making it possible to keep, or get your beautiful face looking and feeling young and vibrant. While diet and exercise does contribute to healthy skin, alone they do not work, especially for the face. At Coastal Cosmetic Center in Jacksonville, FL, only the latest surgical or non surgical techniques are used to enhance your own natural beauty.

Learn more about skin care and facial rejuvenation techniques from Jacksonville’s most respected plastic and reconstructive physician offices, Coastal Cosmetic Center.

Best Options for Youthful and Beauty Face

Latisse – Hypotrichosis Treatment Jacksonville

Latisse Jacksonville

Just like thinning hair, eyelashes can experience problems as a result of the aging process. If you’re experiencing eyelash hypotrichosis, Latisse is the solution you’ve been looking for.

What exactly is eyelash hypotrichosis? Eyelash hypotrichosis is the condition of having eyelashes that are not as thick or long as normal, or of simply not having enough lashes. With Latisse, you’ll be able to regrow and repair your lashes, making them look beautiful again. Using Latisse on a regular basis will provide glamorous results!

Eyelash rejuvenation is just a call or email away – so get started today! Board-certified plastic surgeons Doctors Timothy Fee, William A. Wallace, and Patrick L. Basile, experienced medical professionals, are the ideal choice for your aesthetic treatments. Contact our office and arrange a Latisse consultation.

Considering Plastic Surgery? Learn the Benefits to an Onsite Surgery Center

As a patient considering plastic surgery, there are many factors to weigh. The cost, recovery time, finding the right surgeon, and expected results are all important factors. Another factor to consider should be if your surgeon has access to an onsite surgery center. The experience should be as safe, pleasant, and well supported by staff in order to get the optimal result. Plastic surgeons with an onsite surgery center have the advantage of providing a better experience for patients.

Benefits to an Onsite Plastic Surgery Center

There are three main reasons why you should hire a plastic surgeon with an onsite surgery center:

1. Safety

Undergoing breast enhancement surgery, a tummy tuck, rhinoplasty or even cosmetic injections, comes with an inherent risk. Although complications are minimized by highly trained surgeons with years of experience, there are times when the unforeseen happen. When your surgeon has immediate, onsite access to all of the necessary equipment, medications and tools needed to handle complications, your risks are minimized.

2. Patient experience

Before, during and after your plastic surgery procedure, there are many times when you will need to be seen by your surgeon. The convenience factor of having those coastal-cosmetic-waiting-roomappointments in one location is a great patient benefit. Since the appointments are under the full control of the physician, scheduling flexibility will be enjoyed by the patient. Also, today’s most technologically advanced surgery centers have a more comfortable, home-like decor that is soothing, comforting and pleasing for patients and their family members.

3. Staff support

State-of-the-art equipment and a skilled surgeon need the support of a dedicated nursing team, office support staff and surgical team. The personal attention that can be gained from a dedicated support team at an on-site surgery center is so valuable to plastic surgery patients. Also, personnel cost savings are also a benefit to a surgeon that he/she can pass on to patients if he/she has dedicated, on-site staff support vs. expensive hospital fees.group_0004

Undergoing any surgical procedure is a serious decision that requires all of the best people, resources, technology and of course, facilities.

Coastal Cosmetic Center Onsite Surgery Center

Dr. Timothy Fee and Dr. William Wallace have invested in their plastic surgery practice by building a 6200 square foot, state-of-the-art onsite surgery center. They offer their patients a full service, outpatient plastic surgery center which is AHCA licensed, federally accredited by JCAHO, and located in the Jacksonville area.