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Ultherapy Treatment – Ultrasound Lift Jacksonville

Ultherapy Treatment Jacksonville

Lift loose, sagging skin with the help of ultrasound energy waves – try Ultherapy! What should you expect to occur during an Ultherapy treatment?

To begin, the target area is gently cleansed. Ultrasound gel is applied to the skin of the area being targeted by the Ultherapy treatment, and then the ultrasound applicator is placed against it. An image appears on a screen of the underlying tissues to be treated.

The applicator is then used to create ultrasound waves, which reach those tissues, stimulating the growth process of their collagen proteins.

Doctors Timothy Fee and William A. Wallace, board-certified plastic surgeons experienced in aesthetic procedures, will be able to answer your questions regarding the Ultherapy treatment. To arrange an appointment, contact our office today.

Ultrasound Lift – Jacksonville Ultherapy

Ultrasound Lift Jacksonville

With age comes an unfortunate side effect: sagging skin on the jawline, neck, brow, and even the eyelids. The Ultherapy ultrasound lift procedure is designed to tighten this skin gently and effectively.

Though it may not appear so to the naked eye, a person’s skin is actually composed of several layers. The epidermis – the outermost layer – is the one that people see every day. What you do to deeper levels such as the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) often has an effect on the shallower layers.

Treating those deeper layers with an ultrasound lift has a rejuvenating effect on the outward appearance of the epidermal layer. The ultrasound energy waves’ ability to reach deeper is one reason why Ultherapy is a sought-after procedure.

The more you know about ultrasound lift procedures, the easier it’ll be for you to decide if they are right for you. Come to our office and speak with Doctors Timothy Fee and William A. Wallace, board-certified plastic surgeons with a great deal of experience. To arrange an appointment, contact us today!

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Questions To Ask Your Plastic Surgeon When Considering Breast Augmentation

Dr Tim Fee Jacksonville FL

A lot of questions come up when considering breast augmentation. The medical staff at Coastal Cosmetic Center not only want to answer your questions, but to make sure you are asking the right ones. The following is an interview with Dr. Timothy Fee, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon of Coastal Cosmetic Center. Read along as he reviews the questions for you to ask your Plastic Surgeon when considering breast augmentation as well as the answers.


What type of implants do you use? Saline or silicone? What is your experience with each type of implant?

We use both here at Coastal Cosmetic Center. The implant selection is left up to the patient, however, there are certain indications when one type might be chosen over another. But, that would be reliant on a consultation. There are all sorts of aspects between the two types that would make a patient choose one or another.


Which do you prefer- saline or gel?

These implants are all designed for different indications. The memory gel or highly cohesive implants have qualities that make them feel more natural and we have higher patient satisfaction rates with those, so we find that we are doing more of them.


What is my expected recovery time after breast augmentation?breast augmentation

The recovery time after breast augmentation is relative to how you define your recovery. Some patients are up and around hours after surgery. They’re able to walk around their house and do odd jobs around the house. There is a little discomfort for the first couple of days, but that usually subsides with pain medications or simple time and support. But, I would say after a weekend most patients are able to return to light sedentary work. Exercise and that type of activity usually takes 2-3 weeks, but I have seen people get back to it earlier.


How long do you expect my breast augmentation surgery operation to take?

Breast augmentation is usually performed within an hours time. General anesthesia is preferred so to the patient it may feel as easy as 10 minutes in length. There is a little bit of time before and after the procedure to do paperwork. But after that the procedure is quite quick. There are some instances when it may take a bit longer to get things perfect, but that’s not commonly needed because we usually get it right the first time.


Where will my breast augmentation incision site be and where will my scar be located?

The scars are very minimal and they can be kept under the curve of the breast and can be concealed quite naturally where the bra line would be. I feel that this is advantageous to any other types of incisions because these are hidden and heal very well with very little tension. The scar can also be used as an option if the patient wants to go larger one day, go smaller one day or take the implants out one day. That incision gives us access to give us anything that we need to do.


If I get breast augmentation surgery, will the breast implants affect my ability to breastfeed a baby?

Breast feeding is a common question we see from patients receiving breast implant surgery. In general, the breast is simply being augmented. In other words, the breast is being pushed forward and shaped around the implant. All of the natural nerve fibers and function of the breast is preserved during this technique. Which goes back to why we make the incision on the under curve of the breast. We don’t want to disturb any of the anatomy or breast milk supply. So breast feeding is performed quite naturally if it’s going to take place at all.


breast augmentationWhat are the long-term consequences of breast implants?

Long term consequences of breast implants is simply one of disguise. The natural breast will go through the natural process of aging and through breast feeding and the like. Once the breast implants have been in for a long time, sometimes patients get a false sense of security that if you were to take the implants out, that the breasts would look the way they did 20 years ago. That’s not the case. We often see that the breasts have gone through significant changes over the years and without the implant supporting them, when it comes out it can be quite distressing. Often we will encourage patients to replace their implants whenever they need to.


What can I do to minimize the risk of complications after breast augmentation surgery?

I think the risks of breast augmentation are pretty mild. If you follow the simple post operative instructions and you avoid strenuous activity such as baby lifting or pushing and pulling objects that weigh greater than 10-20 pounds, the likelihood of having a complication is minimal. Sometimes the complications we see are related to bleeding or infection, but it’s very rare.


What shape and size do you recommend for breast implants?

Implants are measured and the size of the patient’s chest is measured. They have to be compatible in order for the breast implant and breast augmentation to be successful. I think it’s important to note that here we have all sizes and shapes of implants available so we can actually size them during the procedure- which a lot of practices don’t have that luxury. By using the implant and sizing methods we can choose the implant based on the artistry of making the breast look pretty rather than just measurements of the volume, which to me is a homerun.


What kind of additional follow-up will I need after breast augmentation surgery?

My typical schedule is to see patients about a week after surgery. Then I see them again at three weeks to make sure the swelling is resolving as it should and to release patients to activities they want to enjoy. The last time I see patients is at three months where we take post-operative photographs and they are compared to the pre-operative photographs. This gives the patient the opportunity to express their satisfaction or if there are any concerns they can be expressed as well.


How will the breast implants feel after breast augmentation?breast augmentation

Externally the breast implants should not be felt at all. The breast should feel like a naturally large breast with better shape and better support especially with the cohesive gel implants. In fact, in many of the patients I’ve come to see it’s hard to tell if they’ve had implantation at all. To the patient however, there is some feeling that the implants are there at first. Over the years that feeling tends to go away and most patients can’t remember not having implants.


What are my options if I am dissatisfied with the outcome of my breast implants?

Well, dissatisfaction is sometimes based on unexpected realism and realistic results. I think that it’s important that the communication be there between the patient and the physician. That way dissatisfaction is kept to a minimum. Here we look at every individual’s situation and resolve that to the point where the patient is satisfied. Sometimes this may make a simple adjustment, sometimes it’s just encouragement that time will heal this problem and often times it does.

At Coastal Cosmetic Center, Dr. William Wallace, Dr. Timothy Fee and our team of medical professionals are here to answer your questions. For more information on our breast augmentation procedures, call us to set up a consultation at (904) 332-6774 or contact us by email!



Ultherapy – Ultrasound Treatment Jacksonville

Ultherapy Jacksonville

What can a person do about an embarrassing turkey wattle? How can they get rid of that dreaded double chin? If your skin has given you embarrassing issues like these, don’t despair. Solve those problems with Ultherapy!

An ultrasound lift treatment, Ultherapy can be used to remove issues with the brow, under-chin area, and neck. Say goodbye to turkey wattles and double chins for good, and say hello to smooth, tight skin!

For more information on what Ultherapy can do for your skin, contact our office and arrange an appointment. You’ll be able to learn more from Doctors Timothy Fee and William A. Wallace, plastic surgeons with the experience needed to answer all of your questions. Don’t hesitate – call or email our office today!

Arm Lift – Jacksonville Brachioplasty Surgery

Arm Lift Jacksonville

There are numerous plastic surgery procedures available for a variety of parts of the body, and the upper arms are no exception. An arm lift, also called a brachioplasty, is a procedure used to tighten the skin of the upper arms and remove the excess. This makes them appear trim and fit.

A buildup of blood or other fluid post-surgery could lead to a seroma, so after the arm lift operation, the plastic surgeon may place tiny tubes in the area. These tubes will help with the draining of fluids. They’re usually removed the day after the surgical procedure.

For more on arm lifts and the post-surgical measures that are typically taken, contact our office. You’ll be given a date and time for a consultation with Doctors Timothy Fee and William A. Wallace, board-certified plastic surgeons with a great deal of experience and skill. Call or email today.

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5 Surprising Facts About Ultherapy Non-Surgical Facelift in Jacksonville

We all want to look our best. Have you been wanting to maintain a youthful appearance but not sure if a surgical facelift is the answer for you? You’re not alone. Many women and men have been recognizing the convenience and accessibility of today’s skin rejuvenation choices. Ultherapy is definitely one of them. Read these surprising facts about the Ultherapy non-surgical facelift right here in Jacksonville.

1. Ultherapy is FDA Approved

One surprising fact you’ll be happy to know is that Ultherapy, an innovative procedure that uses focused ultrasound technology, is the ONLY U.S. FDA cleared non-invasive lifting procedure that lifts and tightens loose skin for the brow, jawline, upper lip, under the chin and neck areas. No other in-office procedure has been FDA cleared for lifting of the facial skin.

2. Ultherapy Was Voted “Best In Office Procedure” -New Beauty Magazine

Discerning women and men agree- Ultherapy is a great in-office treatment. It has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Shape and more. Ultherapy also recently won the New Beauty Product Winner Award for “Best In Office Procedure.” It is a natural, safe and effective alternative to surgical procedures.Ultherapy-Magazines

3. Ultherapy May Leave Little Bruising

Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you may experience little to no bruising after Ultherapy treatment. Ask your care provider exactly what to expect after treatment. You’ll be surprised at how safe and effective Ultherapy can be.

4. Ultherapy Has Little to No Downtime

Another great surprise is that depending on how sensitive your skin is and how susceptible you are to bruising, Ultherapy patients often report little pain during or after the procedure. Your skin may be red or feel swollen (particularly in the first few days following treatment). There is little to NO downtime, you can return to work or life activities within an hour. Two to three months post-treatment you should still notice tighter skin and the effects will continue with proper maintenance.

5. Ultherapy is Right for Your Brow, Chin and Neck

Surprisingly, you do not have to have surgery to regain that youthful look! Your brow, chin and neck are the perfect spots for Ultherapy treatments. Since our face is one of the first places we show signs of aging, Ultherapy can be a great alternative to a facelift. The best candidates are those with some loose skin that aren’t ready for or don’t want to commit to surgery and are willing to accept more minimal correction.

At Coastal Cosmetic Center, Dr. William Wallace, Dr. Timothy Fee and our team of medical professionals are proud to offer Ultherapy. If you would like to learn more surprising facts about Ultherapy and see if it’s right for you, call us to set up a complimentary consultation at (904) 332-6774 or contact us by email.

Laser Hair Removal – Depilation Jacksonville

Laser Hair Removal Jacksonville

Embarrassed by excessive body hair? It’s a common problem, but most people don’t know exactly what to do about it. Shaving, bleaching, and more all have their fair share of drawbacks. Look into laser hair removal for a quick, comfortable, and convenient solution.

During laser hair removal treatment, a highly focused laser heats the hair follicle. This damages the follicle, making it so hair will not grow back in the area or will grow back at a much slower rate. While the laser attacks the follicle, the skin is kept safe by one of several possible cooling methods.

Experience this revolutionary depilatory treatment for yourself – set up a laser hair removal consultation today! You’ll learn more from board-certified plastic surgeons Doctors Timothy Fee and William A. Wallace, skilled professionals with experience you can trust.

Nasal Valve Collapse – Jacksonville Rhinoplasty

Nasal Valve Collapse Jacksonville

Does your nose seem different, either more pinched or flimsier? Are you having breathing problems? You may have internal or external nasal valve collapse. Plastic surgeons routinely correct this problem with rhinoplasty, otherwise known as nose surgery.

It’s easier to notice external valve collapse than internal valve collapse. This is because the sign of external collapse is flimsy nostril flares that cave in when a person breathes. Internal collapse, on the other hand, appears as a thinner-than-usual nasal bridge area.

No matter which kind of nasal valve collapse you may have, the best way to know for sure that you’re experiencing this issue is by visiting Doctors Timothy Fee and William A. Wallace, board-certified plastic surgeons serving the Jacksonville area. Contact our office today and set up an appointment. These experienced medical practitioners will evaluate your nasal area and offer a professional recommendation.