Breast Reconstruction

Become Whole Again with Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Losing one or both breasts to cancer or other trauma is a devastating reality for many women; breast reconstruction is an opportunity to restore and rebuild breasts to a normal, or desired, shape and size.  The board certified physicians at Coastal Cosmetic Center work as team to communicate with you and your entire medical team to tailor the best possible result to your specific situation.

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The Breast Reconstruction Procedure at Coastal Cosmetic Center


The initial consultation will include an in-depth discussion concerning each patient’s specific medical circumstances and the desired outcome from the procedure.


New medical techniques and advances allow for some breast reconstructions to occur immediately following mastectomy, in the hospital setting.  Coastal Cosmetic Center also performs delayed breast reconstruction surgery—after the mastectomy has healed—in their nationally accredited surgery center located in Jacksonville, FL.


The recovery time following breast reconstruction surgery is completely dependent on the specific conditions of each individual patient, and consequently, will vary.  A clearer understanding of your post-operative recovery period will be explained once the Coastal Cosmetic Center surgeons have the opportunity to evaluate and discuss your case at the initial consultation.

Coastal Cosmetic Center provides every patient with the information to make an informed decision about breast reconstruction.  After struggling with the traumatic circumstances associated with mastectomy, breast reconstruction:

  •      Creates a breast that comes close to a natural appearance and feel
  •      Eliminates the need for any prosthetic devices
  •      Allows for better fit in clothing
  •      Rebuilds confidence

To schedule a consultation for Breast Reconstruction at Coastal Cosmetic Center, email or call (904) 332-6774 today.