Maintain Your Face’s Youthful Appearance

With a long history in plastic surgery, facelift procedures are still producing fantastic, smooth results that can erase a decade off of your appearance.  Today’s innovative surgical technologies allow for a natural looking result with few, if any, telltale signs of the surgery.  A facelift can address loose and sagging skin, facial lines and wrinkles as well as a loss of definition in the chin.  Facial muscles and skin will be toned and tightened, leaving you with a confident, youthful and refreshed looking face.

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The Facelift Procedure at Coastal Cosmetic Center


Initial consultations allow the experienced and skilled plastic surgeons at Coastal Cosmetic Center to review the overall goals for your facelift. Each procedure is individualized and customized so that every patient can look as young as they feel. Your confidential consultation will also include a detailed analysis of all applicable costs for your surgery.


Facelifts, or rhytidectomy, are performed under general anesthesia at Coastal Cosmetic Center’s nationally accredited surgery facility in Jacksonville, FL. Incisions are strategically placed under the chin, behind the ear or along the hairline and then excess skin is removed. Before suturing, the remaining skin is smoothed and tightened, leaving patients with a natural facial contour. Facelift procedures usually last three hours or less in length.


Facelifts should only be scheduled when proper time to heal is available. Patients can expect to experience bruising, swelling, numbness and a tight feeling during the post-operative recovery period. These side effects should diminish within two weeks, at which time most patients will be able to return to work. Additionally, facelift patients can expect some additional physical limitations during the early healing period.

Today’s facelift produces more natural results and has an easier recovery than ever before—bring new life to your facial features and enjoy the confidence boost of looking ten years younger.

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