Wrinkle filler injectable treatments for filling in the small vertical lines around the lips Juvaderm skin treatmentas well as the deeper nasolabial folds are performed at Coastal Cosmetic Center. These fillers like Juvederm Injectable Gel is a modern filler known for its flexibility and comes in a variety of formulations. In addition to filling out the lips, Juvederm can also be used for sculpting facial features like the chin and cheeks.

Local anesthesia and numbing creams are used to numb the treatment areas. Very fine needles are used to gently inject the filler beneath the skin for immediate results.

Risks from Juvederm injections are very minimal. The most common side effects are bruising at the injection site or swelling of the treatment area. These reactions diminish quickly and can be treated with ice packs or over the counter pain medication.

Also be sure to check out BOTOX or other cosmetic fillers / injectables.

To schedule an appointment for Juvederm at Coastal Cosmetic Center in one of  our Jacksonville, Florida locations, please email us or call (904) 332-6774.