Before and After Ultherapy ResultsAs the only FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment designed to lift and tighten the skin, Ulthera uses groundbreaking ultrasound technology to provide sensational results for patients.  Signs of aging can be reversed with Ulthera in as little as one 60-90 minute treatment. Regular activity may be resumed immediately following the procedure.

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How Ulthera Works:

Ulthera differs from other treatments because it targets the foundational layers of the skin from below the skin’s surface.  Tissues are heated to the optimal temperature to spur the creation of collagen by micro-focused ultrasound waves.

As a non-invasive procedure, Ulthera requires no surgery, no time away from daily activities and no scarring.  Although Ulthera is not a replacement for traditional facelift procedures—it cannot deliver the level of improvement that only comes with surgical intervention—good candidates for Ulthera include those who:

  • Are not interested in surgery
  • Cannot afford downtime away from work, family, etc.
  • Are not eligible for surgery due to age or current health status
  • Would like additional skin tightening after surgical facelift

Ulthera is performed by our experienced, board certified plastic surgeon at Coastal Cosmetic Center’s Jacksonville, FL facility. Patients can expect the effects to last up to two years, although improvement will be detected immediately after the procedure.  As Ulthera treatments vary by patient, all applicable costs will be reviewed and clarified at your initial consultation with Coastal Cosmetic Center.

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