How Much is SculpSure?

How Much is SculpSure?

SculpSure is the procedure that leaves you feeling like your best selfHow Much is SculpSure?

We know, getting rid of stubborn fat is a serious problem. That’s why so many people have turned to SculpSure—the first FDA approved laser treatment that reduces fat on the abdomen, back and waist area as well as on the inner and outer thighs. A totally non-invasive technology, SculpSure effectively eliminates love handles and gives clients more definition in various areas of the body. While this procedure could be the right solution for you, you may be wondering what SculpSure costs.

To get an exact price for a SculpSure fat-reduction procedure, you need to first sit down with us in our Coastal Cosmetic Center, to discuss your overall goals. Each patient is unique and has different needs, so coming up with your SculpSure cost depends on what you want to get done and what you hope to gain from the procedure.

Typically, a SculpSure procedure runs around $2,050. This is a ballpark figure that you can use to generally budget for your fat-reduction treatments. However, the actual price can be arrived at during your consultation. When you meet with us, we’ll talk about your goals, and we’ll put together a treatment plan that best meets your needs.

I was pleased with SculpSureMeeting With Us to Discuss Your SculpSure Cost

At our meeting, you’ll have the chance to ask questions; and of course, we’ll give you options for payment. We accept several forms of payment, including cash, credit card and financing through CareCredit and Alphaeon Credit.

Get started with your treatment without putting any money down with many of these payment options. Plus, you have payment plans available to you that offer low monthly payments and zero pre-payment penalties.

Coastal Cosmetic Center makes it easy to get the body sculpting and body contouring you want. If you want to know how much is  SculpSure for your specific needs,  contact us to schedule a consultation, and get started sculpting a brand new you!