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What are the Different Types of Nose Jobs?

Although the term “nose job” is used loosely for all nose surgeries, there are actually a number of different types of nose jobs, each with distinct differences. If you’re considering a rhinoplasty, either to enhance breathing functionality or simply improve the appearance, it’s important to understand the different techniques and surgeries available to you. Let’s explore the different types of nose jobs!

Open Rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty is the standard nose job procedure. It is called open rhinoplasty because incisions are made to give the surgeon open access to the nose. Typically, this includes an incision across the columella, the piece of tissue that separates the nostril. Through this incision, a surgeon has complete access to the anatomy of the nose and nostrils. Then, cartilage, bone and tissue can be shaped or removed to produce the desired results.

Closed Rhinoplasty

A closed rhinoplasty is a less-invasive alternative to the open rhinoplasty technique. With a closed rhinoplasty, all incisions are made on the inside of the nose. This eliminates any visible scarring from the rhinoplasty procedure. However, given that the surgeon has less access to the anatomy of the nose, this strategy may not be appropriate for all nose jobs.

Tip Plasty

Tip plasty is a nose job that is performed exclusively to address the tip of the nose. Common concerns that can be addressed with a tip plasty include:

  • A large or bulbous tip
  • Drooping or pointed tip
  • Asymmetry

The tip plasty can be performed with either an open rhinoplasty approach or a closed rhinoplasty approach, depending on the extent of surgery needed to produce your desired results.

Secondary (Revision) Rhinoplasty

Secondary rhinoplasty, most often referred to as revision rhinoplasty, is a nose job that is performed to correct the results of a previous nose job. In most cases, revision rhinoplasty is performed when a patient is unhappy with the results from their previous procedure. This may be due to choosing a poorly skilled surgeon, a change in personal preference or in the event that the nose did not heal properly and the results did not turn out as expected.

Filler Rhinoplasty

The final type of nose job to consider is a filler rhinoplasty. A filler rhinoplasty, also called a non-surgical nose job, is a nose job performed with dermal fillers and injectables. The benefit of a filler rhinoplasty is that there is no surgery involved. This means patients will not have any scarring or downtime, and in many cases, results are visible instantly. However, the tradeoff is that dermal fillers and injectables often dissolve within a few months or years, so repeated treatments will be necessary to maintain the results.

Which Type of Rhinoplasty is Right for Me?

If you need help determining the nose job technique that is best for you, contact us today to schedule your consultation at Coastal Cosmetic Center. We’ll discuss your goals and your nose job options to find the solution that will provide you with the most fulfilling results.

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