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Ideal Age for Otoplasty/Ear Pinning Surgery

Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) in Jacksonville & Fleming Island, FLThe ears may seem like a more obscure facial feature, but for those with larger or protruding ears, this can become their defining feature which may lead to pain and embarrassment, even in young children. Thankfully, there is a relatively simple surgical procedure called otoplasty or ear pinning surgery that can be performed and is even recommended for some children to correct ear asymmetry.

What Is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty, or ear pinning, is a surgical procedure that aims to resize or reshape the ears. It is commonly performed in children or younger adults to correct ears that stick out conspicuously, which may, unfortunately, lead to embarrassment for the individual. Many adults also seek otoplasty to correct damaged or deformed ears due to injury.

For Whom Is Otoplasty Recommended?

Otoplasty is an excellent option to correct any of the following concerns:

  • Ears that protrude from the side of the head
  • Ears that are different sizes or shapes
  • Ears that require repair as a result of an injury or birth defect
  • Ears that fold over on top (lop ears)
  • Ears that are proportionally larger than other facial features

What Is the Ideal Age to Have Otoplasty Performed?

Children with large or protruding ears are often teased or bullied for this feature. It is for this reason that many parents would prefer to have otoplasty performed before their child begins school. The procedure is simple and safe and can only be performed once the ears have matured, which usually occurs around age 5. Although there are physical factors that must be considered when determining candidacy, it is also important that your child is at an age where they are mentally capable of proceeding with otoplasty. Do they understand and want this procedure? Are they able to follow basic instructions like those given during the recovery process? These are all questions you should consider before choosing to proceed. It may well be that your child’s ears are ready for surgery, but your child is not.

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For more information on otoplasty or to schedule a consultation, please contact the staff of Coastal Cosmetic Center at our primary Southpoint location. We are proud to serve the communities of Jacksonville and Fleming Island as well as other local areas of Florida.

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